Research Papers

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  • Do Cats With Hypertension But No Ocular Lesions Have Increases in Plasma NT-ProBNP Concentration? ACVIM 2010. Lalor SM, Syme H, Elliot J. Presenting Author: Stephanie Lalor
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    • Pure red cell aplasia and non-regenerative immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia in the cat: 20 cases. BSAVA Congress 2014 Black V, Lalor S M, Adamantos S. Presenting Author: Victoria Black.
    • Chyloabdomen in dogs and cats. BSAVA 2016. Presenting author: Stephanie Lalor
    • Gall bladder agenesis and osteopenia in a pug. SAMSoc Autumn Meeting 2018. Stephanie Phillipps & Stephanie Sorrell. Presenting author: Stephanie Phillipps


  • Effects of Concurrent Ronidazole and Symbiotic Therapy in Cats with Tritrichomonas foetus-associated diarrhoea. Lalor SM, Gunn-Moore DM. ISFM Congress 2013.
  • Retrospective study of clinical findings, treatment and outcome in dogs and cats diagnosed with dysautonomia. Clarke KM, Lalor SM et al. ECVIM Congress 2017.


  • Feline Mycobacterial Disease in Many Hosts of Mycobacteria: Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and other Mycobacterial Diseases of Man and Animals. Danielle Gunn Moore and Stephanie Lalor


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  • How to diagnose and treat toxoplasmosis in cats. Sorrell, S., Gunn-Moore, D., Domingues, M. BSAVA Companion. January 2022

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